FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are your products really made of genuine Real 100% Silk ?  I thought that was unobtainable these days with all the imitation and mixed silk fabrics there are now on the market ?   Ans.  YES.  Most of our products are made of durable 'medium or heavyweight' 100% Real Silk.   In a few cases it is a quality partial silk or silk-like product that is then correspondingly cheaper than 100% Real Silk.

2.  Why do you sell Hand Roll Hem items ?  Aren't these a lot more expensive to produce than Machine Hem scarves ?  Ans.  YES they are 10 times more expensive to source.  But the finish is undeniably sleeker and a Hand Roll Hem is a sign of a highest quality scarf.

3.  How come your scarves, though such high quality, are cheaper than all the other designer brands ?  Ans.  We source and choose from the best suppliers and keep track on shipping and stock costs, so as to bring you the highest and best quality products at the most reasonable prices.  Our prices are very competitive.

4.  How come your scarves are such beautiful and smooth thick durable silk ?  Most real silk scarves of that price these days are much thinner, and end up ripping or not providing real comfort.  Ans.  We only source scarves of 14mm or 16mm thickness or above, so as to supply a best quality product that, with proper care,  will last a lifetime.

5.  Are your real silk products really beautifully soft ?  Ans.  YES, because silkworm silk is a wonderful naturally produced resource, made from finest real silk threads from genuine silkworms, real silk products are as natural and as soft as a newborn babys skin, and totally hypoallergenic.!